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Why Slavery and the Holocaust shouldn’t be compared

I’ll keep this brief. The Holocaust, as most people understand it, lasted 4 years.  In a greater sense, it can be said to have lasted 12 years.  Slavery lasted well over 200 years in the United States! 

When the holocaust was finished, Jews who survived were able to return to their lives.  If their family members survived, they were able to return to their families. 

Slavery lasted for generations.  Once the slaves were freed, the only parents they knew had been slaves their whole lives.  They knew nothing of where they had come from, nothing of their own culture, nothing of their history, and nothing of how to survive in the world.  All they knew was how to be slaves. 

Slave knowledge was all there was to be passed down from generation to generation as blacks lived lives segregated from white society.  My parents lived through segregation.  I am the first generation to have something resembling real freedom. And I’m just 30 years old.

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